In Formation

For todays class we had to print out a poster of a campaign, that contributed awareness and awaked individuals towards action. We should also bring one that is related to student activism.

This was a rather hard task to do. I think most student activism groups are loosely organized and due to that there is no official poster provided. Therefore I decided to bring the "keep calm and" – in this case "support scholarism" – poster to school.

keep calm and support scholarism in HK

The original poster "keep calm and carry on" was created by the british government to motivate the citizens during the 2nd world war. Althought more than 2 million copies were printed, it never really was shown in public.
I chose this poster, because nowadays it is a famous "template" for all kinds of awareness / motivation messages. There is even an online service to easily create your own poster:

Exploration on the prefix "inter"

By definition inter means "between, in the middle". Inter builds an essential part of interaction design. I believe as interaction designer we always stand between one or more parties. Therefore it is important to get to know the term "intersectionality" by Kimberlé Crenshaw. She explains in her Ted Talk that you can not support minorities by adding them in an existing, more general frame. The example she gives is that employment discrimination against African-American women can not be solved by introducing a programm for African-American and women. It needs to address the minority specifically. Else you end up with a situation where African-American men are employed and white women.

If there is no recognition of the problem it cannot be solved.

In our world where especially digital products tend to be "one size fits all"-solutions this is problematic. Unfortunately, I do not know how to address this dilemma yet. Trying to not compromise others is a start.