In todays lesson of the module sweet dreams are made of this we discussed how research can be joyful and pleasant. Especially during the bachelor thesis it would be horrible if the reasearch process would be exhausting. Me personally I like research the most when I can talk to other people. I love doing interviews, get to know them and learn something new from them. Another point that is important for me, is to have a feeling of progress. Sometimes I get stuck in research – reading things I don't know how to process and use. Often it helps to change the setting or take a break. Generally I believe I should mix in more activity in my thought process. Whether it is a walk, riding the bike or something else.

Furthermore, one should also just trust the process and be confident where it takes one. We should be open for change and don't hold on something that isn't important.

Research in healthcare

For my bachelor thesis, which shall be healthcare related, we have to be aware of the whole ethics aspect and also plan some time for that. Also we must have an afterplan when we completed our bachelor thesis. What will happen with the project? Maybe some people depend on it? Nevertheless, I am not worried about the joy we will have. I imagine doing a lot of interviews, cultural probes and workshops. It will be fun :-P