In todays class we talked about "owning" something. Not really the physical possession but rather the state of mastering something. In our bachelor thesis we must own our topic to defend it against critiques.

In constrast to last week, we did not dream in a positive way, but listed all the fears we have for our projects. I think most of us, also me, are afraid that the project does not find approval. Furthermore, I am worried that I can not carry out the process like planned because of the corona pandemic.

At the end of the session we all had to pick a bad projects from the previous years. Because this journal is public I do not want to link to that project. But I can describe why I consider it as a less positive example. The project I picked was not boring. But it addressed the problem in a way that there was no long-term outcome of it. It made aware of the problem, but the end-product was in my opinion not solving the problem nor was it a tool or method for the affected to reflect their situation in a regularly manner. Also I missed an appealing video, that explains the project. Especially for abstract things I believe videos are a good media for explanation. At the end, our projects should show things from a different perspective and create a kind of innovating feeling in the audience.