Re-Positioning / Discussion of statements

In todays class we discussed the statement of intent for our bachelor thesis. The feedback I got was very positive. A lot of people are interested in improving the general patient experience. An important and interesting question I got asked was, why the patient experience and big picture of a patient's situation is so under-represented in today's healthcare institutions. I can not answer this question yet, but it would be a nice starting point for investigation.

What also got me thinking was the input, where one person told me about the paradoxical situation where her young colleague, who had cancer, had to go to an elderly home for care. Somehow a specific patient centred health never emerged in our society. Especially for one's life situation.

I really liked the module "Sweet Dreams are Made of This". It was nice to have a dedicated space to prepare and think about our bachelor thesis. Otherwise, I would probably have always procrastinated it. Furthermore, I liked writing this journal. It helps me reflecting my thoughts more and create some kind of order in my mind. Therefore, I would love to continue the blog, especially during the bachelor thesis.