What is learning and what makes a good student? What is teaching and what makes a good teacher?

In todays class we taught each other small skills like using the terminal on your computer, folding a shirt in a special burrito like way, sketching a hand or constructing a fancy geometric shape. During this experiment I realised that everyone was at least a little bit curious about what we were about to learn. Also everybody was somehow proud to share and teach his skill. So I think everybody likes to exchange knowledge. But why do some people hate going to school or hate teaching? For me factors that motivate this are the following:

  1. Difficulty – teaching or learning stuff that is too easy, or to challenging) => the flow moment
  2. Relatability – teaching or learning something that is related to you.
  3. Amount of information – not only difficulty but also the amount of knowledge influences the fun
  4. Progress - when progress is seen
  5. Priority - there are times in your life, when acquiring a new skill is not the most important thing to do

For me a good student and a good teacher are persons that are able to dose the different factors. Patience and will are then the resources that are needed, whether those factors are not right dosed.


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