In this theory class "Sweet Dreams are Made of This" @zhdk by Joëlle Bitton, we are focusing on the discovery of our bachelor thesis topic. We will try to listen into us, find out our interests and start building up an autonomy to work towards our bachelor thesis. This includes relevant researching, reflecting on the found material and specify our positioning.

In the first lesson, we discussed what action is. This is the resulting mindmap:

The whiteboard "what action is?", we have created as a class

I think the biggest take-away from the discussion is that action is not just making aware of something. It can, but the action or the thing we create should also bring the user to a further point than just awareness. As designers we should provide tools to overcome the problems. It is rather easy making aware of the climate change. But to provide something to fight climate change is hard. When choosing our bachelor thesis project we should be considering this fact.

What made an impact on you in the past two years?

Before my studies I was a kid regarding thinking and reflecting. My time in the interaction design department at ZHdK changed me personally. It changed how I see the world or what is important to me. It was not just the theory and practical classes, but also all the friends I found there and the great, personal discussions I've had with them.

Besides my studies also the time I worked in hospitals influenced me. It gave me a lot of motivation to contribute to something specific.

What impact did you do on others in the last two years?

I think people vlaue my optimistic, emphatic and helpful attitude. I hope very much that I was able to support others in the last two years. Whether helping with programming, listening to someone or cleaning in the hospital. 😋