Andreas Waldburger, Dzhuliia Kolodko, Nemo Brigatti, Ramona Elisabeth Rüttimann

The purpose of our service is to include those affected by a crisis better in the process of fighting a crisis. We do that by providing the functionality that crisis affected can help themselves, send a notification in case they are in trouble or share their opinion with the crisis manager. Because people often think it’s unlikely that they will be affected by a crisis, we made our service compatible with everyday incidents like bike crashes, fire outbreaks at home or health related issues. This is done by connecting smart devices, like smart watches, bicycle computers or car entertainment systems to our service. In case of an incident our service then calls the emergency service, emergency contacts and people close to you. Therefore a clear benefit is given.

In a world full of crisis, with pandemics like Covid-19 at the top, we have learned that nothing and no one can prevent them. However, you can be prepared with our service!

We enable the communication between the state, municipalities and the general population in a moment of need. We help to prepare people for crisis situations, on a  personal and national level. The service consists of two different touchpoints, a web dashboard for the "Crisis Fighters/Managers" to analyse and coordinate the situation, supported by gathered data and a mobile application for the "Crisis Affected" person.

The first of our two main functions is the “Are you affected?”-feature. In case your smart device, like a smartwatch or a smart bicycle helmet, detects an incident, our service asks whether you need help or not. If you do so, the emergency service and people close to you will get notified. Also, when you are near to a crisis area, the application automatically asks, whether you are affected or not.

Additionally, the "Are you ok?" function helps the “Crisis Fighter/Manager” to collect data about the general well-being of the population. Through this direct connection, the state and the municipalities can analyse problems and tackle them accordingly.

SwissAlert+ gives citizens a voice which is heard by the government.