A modular e-learning app for WhiteRisk SLF. The goal was to create a learning experience that lets the user decide what and how much he wants to learn. This is done by the mesh learning principle. This allows the user to extend the current learning session by inserting different learn modules in the current one.


The Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF asked us to create a mobile e-learning app. The app should be modular and extendable for future content and material. Therefore, this app is designed so that the user can choose in which order and for how long to conduct the modules. In case the user is a complete beginner – regarding snow, avalanche and touring knowledge – a guided roadmap is available to him.

Of course the app lets the user search, filter and bookmark specific modules. So that he is capable of organising his learning plan.

An other key idea is the integration of the learning modules to the apps existing features. For example in the tour planning the designed concept suggests relevant modules that could be useful for the planned tour. This ensures that the user is always aware of possible knowledge gaps.